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How we treat others is a reflection of how we think about ourselves.

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Featured Hands-On Projects:

Mohammed with new Laptop! HIGHER EDUCATION: Underprivileged students with high marks receive sponsored scholarships for a university education.
Food Packages FOOD SECURITY: Food packages are provided to sustain needy families in remote areas. We target the most vulnerable people; women, children and the elderly.
Aid in Kind HUMANITARIAN AID: Aid for those facing hardships such as disasters, emergency situations, and for those suffering from poverty.

For further information about how we provide assistance in these areas, please view our “Projects” page.

حفنة أمل Hands-On Hope

3 hours 37 minutes ago

Bread for Kids!!--Sponsored by Al Ameed Coffee Company. 60 families got bread--feeding about 360 people. Kids also got clothes donated by the Australian Embassy! Thank you!--This makes a difference!

حفنة أمل Hands-On Hope

4 hours 10 minutes ago

20 water tanks installed in Ruseifeh for families with damaged tanks. We want to thank Nada, Jaclyn and SNI for bringing clean water to these homes. We already have a water crisis, & these tanks will help families have the water they need for the basics: Cooking & washing.

حفنة أمل Hands-On Hope

7 hours 18 minutes ago

Little Jouri got glasses!: Thank you Elia for sponsoring!! Jouri has an eye condition & needs specialised glasses. When you see a child that you made happy, that makes you happy way down deep in your soul.

Welcome to a New Year!

Being flexible & able to adapt to the world as it changes is one of the keys to successful living. When things get tougher it’s important to work together—with your family, friends & community. Working together brings more moral support, resources, strength, stability & HOPE. We are always better together. Recently friends have come up with good ideas, like starting a Food Bank & “Meals To Go!” which has been a help to families & children without enough food to survive. In Jordan, poverty rates have increased by 38 percentage points among locals. (Posted by ReliefWeb)

This is a “thermometer” indicating that help to
feed the needy will continue to be a priority for 2021.

Month at a glance

102 Food pkgs 3 Families recd Medical Aid 240 Families recd bread
20 families Food Bank 30 Cans baby formula 2,050 Clothes
6 Small business assisted 2 Special Needs Children
2,500 Toys

–2 Laptops, Tablet
–3 Medical Aid
–24 Heaters
–20 blankets
–60 children jackets & shoes
–4 Family Assist/Orphans