Sewing Project

Maharat is a sewing center and school established by two high-school volunteers, Maryam and Alya. Women in the village have the opportunity to learn the science of sewing and afterward can  advance into their own career as seamstresses. The goal is to help women to become entrepreneurs and open their own businesses and become self-sufficient through this trade.  Hands on Hope helps to provide materials and the sewing machines for graduates to start their sewing careers. This program is extremely successful and improves the lifestyle and standard of living for these women.

Rent a Dress Project

Hands on Hope is proud to support entrepreneurs through various projects for sustainable development. Rent a Dress is a development initiative where women have the opportunity to rent out dresses for various occasions and keep the income procured through those rentals. It is a self-sufficiency business initiative to provide a source of sustainable income for women.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Hands on Hope supports entrepreneurs through self-sufficiency projects such as these home beauty salons which allow women to make an income as a beautician.

Support for Women Learning Skills & Becoming Self-Sufficient

On a regular baThank you!sis we visit centers in remote areas or poor neighbors where women are enthusiastically learning new skills such sewing or hair-styling. This small beauty school in Baqaa received all-natural hair products donated from a company in Canada. These products are expensive so donations such as these help women to be able to practice, learn a trade and eventually become self-sufficient when they graduate and open their own business. All donations are welcome including combs, brushes, scissors, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers, hair dye, etc, etc etc!! Thank you!

Success Story: Nadia–Feeding her family through sewing.

Nadia in action sewing clothes for young children.

Nadia is a Syrian refugee now living in Dlyal. She is the mom of 5 children and they have not heard from the husband in 4 years, they suspect that he is dead. She knew a little sewing but not much. She went to the center and took the classes. Surviving was extremely difficult, she didn’t even have bread to feed her children. After the sewing classes neighbors began to bring her mending and  she started to receive an income. She’s so happy for the money to feed her family. She says, “Thank you for bringing the sewing machines to the center.”  She also has a friend who is a refugee in Irbid. Nadia told her about the sewing classes and how she’s now generating income for her family. Her friend also took sewing classes and is making her living through sewing as well.  Now that they have become seamstresses, they are now an integral part of their communities and  are very happy as their dignity is also restored. They are very proud to be able to sew! (This is a project called “Maharat” founded by an 11th grade student, Maryam Al Ammari)