Humanitarian Assistance

One of the primary initiatives of Hands on Hope is to provide assistance where it is needed most. We collect donated supplies in order to meet peoples needs, whether that be for natural disasters, conflicts, or severe poverty. To promote education we also help supply stationary and other educational materials for schools.

Family Aid

Nisreethank youn and her family of 5 children have received sponsorship for their rent. Without concerned and generous donors families like Nisreen’s would be out on the street and homeless because they would be evicted for not paying their rent. Rent sponsorship helps families to get back on their feet because the husband is sick or injured or they are orphans. The family can live without stress and fear. Thank you for all the kind people who are helping others in this world to make it a better place. God bless you!

Supplying Resources for Remote Centers

Centers for children in the remote areas of Jordan have little access to resources. This week we brought the Handicap Center in Dlayl a laptop for children, a walker for the disabled, school supplies for both children and teachers, chips for the kids, toys, handicrafts, clothing, fax machine and games. If you have extra items you don’t need why not donate them to Kindergartens in needy and remote areas where it will be highly valued. Thank you. Specifically do you have an extra water cooler.  Pls contact Jacki 0787484445.