Welcome to our latest news & Ramadan Greetings!

Hands-On Hope wants to wish you a happy Ramadan & blessed season! Thank you to each and everyone of you who sponsored packages—the distributions started before Ramadan.

We will also be having Eid parties for children.  

Enjoy our latest news & updates. (The PDF is attached)

Ramadan Mubarak!

Jacki Scott

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter!

Welcome to Spring! And we are out in the garden, helping kids grow their own vegetables  in remote areas to fight malnutrition, anemia, & to provide healthy vitamin-packed food at their own backdoor & give them a skill that they can benefit from for the rest of their life, & even start their own vegetable business.—See how it’s done in the attached PDF.

Thanks to all who help support our projects!!!

Hands-On FEB Newsletter 2018



Jacki Scott

Welcome to our 2018 News!

And we’re off to a great start with new projects, including a Milk Drive and a Bread Drive, and looking forward to an extremely active year helping more people in ways that count the most—where it’s needed the most with Education, Food, Water, Gardens, KGs, emergency aid, medical aid, clothing, Ramadan & Eid & more!  See the latest activities in our newsletter!

Wishing you the best,

Jacki Scott   Hands-On jan Newsletter 2018

Welcome to 2018!!

Attached is our news–a summary of the year 2017:  55 students supported in University or Vocational College, 1283 food pkgs (or 30,000 kilos of food), support for orphans & needy families, medical aid, “Gardens for Kids” and more. A lot of this progress due to your help, donations & support. Thank you for helping us to make Jordan a better place to live! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2018! Attached is a summary of the programs and people who benefitted!  Hands Dec Newsletter 2017

Wishing you a prosperous and blessed year ahead!

Jacki Scott 

Welcome to our Winter News!

The Winter Campaign has started! Blankets, heaters, hot water heaters, jackets & rugs are going out. If you would like to donate gently used items, or sponsor a heater for a family, please contact us. 0787484445. It really means a lot to a needy family to be warm in winter!! As of today 40 heaters have gone out. (Newsletter attached)

Warm Regards,

Jacki Scott  Hands-On NOV Newsletter 2017

Welcome to Our Latest News!

What’s so special is that starting in September, 17 new students received scholarships & are now enrolled either in University or Vocational Colleges! A huge thank you to donors & sponsors who are providing for these potential & promising young people. If you’d like to sponsor a student, please contact us. Donations for tuitions, books, laptops & transportation are all needed. Alf Shukran! The news is attached in the PDF file.

Sincerely,     Hands-On Oct Newsletter 2017

Jacki Scott

What’s New in Jordan?

We just recently learned that Jordan has now become  the second country in the world with the least amount of water.  How will that affect your future? Believe it or not, there are hundreds of families without water tanks–now. See how we are aggressively working to bring a solution for these families—who, where & how—in the attached Newsletter.  If you would like to help sponsor water tanks for needy families, please contact Jacki at 078 7484445. Alf Shukran! Hands-On SEPT Newsletter 2017

Warm Regards,


Welcome to our Latest News!

We are happy to announce we have 15 graduates so far this year.  They include: 3 Doctors, 1 Doctor of Pharmacy, 3 in Culinary Arts, 1 Air Conditioning technician, 2 in Tourism & Airport Management, 1 Art, 1 Geology & Surveying, 1 Bio Medical,  1 in English & 1 in Banking/Finance. 

Getting an education is the passport to a  promising future & fulfillment in life!

We welcome any amount of donation to help these students with their tuition, books, transportation, laptop etc.  Our students are both University & Vocational. If you would like to help make a dream come true by sponsoring a student, please contact Jacki at 0787484445. Alf Shukran!


Jacki Scott Hands July Newsletter 2017