Students and Scholarships

Hands on Hope supports the BRAVO!! educational scholarship for underprivileged students to attend higher education, in addition to helping supply needed school materials and training seminars to prepare students for entering the workforce.

Sewing Project

Maharat is a sewing center and school established by two high-school volunteers, Maryam and Alya. Women in the village have the opportunity to learn the science of sewing and afterward can  advance into their own career as seamstresses. The goal is to help women to become entrepreneurs and open their own businesses and become self-sufficient through this trade.  Hands on Hope helps to provide materials and the sewing machines for graduates to start their sewing careers. This program is extremely successful and improves the lifestyle and standard of living for these women.

Rent a Dress Project

Hands on Hope is proud to support entrepreneurs through various projects for sustainable development. Rent a Dress is a development initiative where women have the opportunity to rent out dresses for various occasions and keep the income procured through those rentals. It is a self-sufficiency business initiative to provide a source of sustainable income for women.

Humanitarian Assistance

One of the primary initiatives of Hands on Hope is to provide assistance where it is needed most. We collect donated supplies in order to meet peoples needs, whether that be for natural disasters, conflicts, or severe poverty. To promote education we also help supply stationary and other educational materials for schools.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Hands on Hope supports entrepreneurs through self-sufficiency projects such as these home beauty salons which allow women to make an income as a beautician.

Distribution for Food Security

Hands on Hope is committed to providing food security to poverty pockets where access to food is sparse. The following photos show a few examples of the distribution process and locations we serve.

Sep 2015 Newsletter

Our major goal in September was getting 7 students sponsored so they could attend university this semester. This type of educational project has a long-lasting impact and changes lives in a major way for a life-time! If you would like to help sponsor a student, either for their university fees, or books, or transportation–any amount of donation is welcome (we issue receipts). Even 50 Jds helps to cover books or transportation. Please contact Suhad Mango at 0799545482  or Jacki at 0787484445.  Shukran!

Read the newsletter to see what we do around Jordan (It is attached or click here )

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