Newsletter Feedback

Newsletter Feedback

Ramadan Drive 2015

Thank you for your support so far this year! We are now preparing for Ramadan, and doing our best to make sure the needy can enjoy Ramadan as well.  If you would like to join us in supplying food packages we will be distributing a very full package of 16 items to Ma’an area, poor villages, and needy places close to Amman. One package is 30 JDs, 10 packages 300 JDs, 20 packages 600 JDs etc. There is a photo of the package in the newsletter.  Hope you enjoy the newsletter and we are looking forward to making Ramadan a very special occasion.



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Support for Women Learning Skills & Becoming Self-Sufficient

On a regular baThank you!sis we visit centers in remote areas or poor neighbors where women are enthusiastically learning new skills such sewing or hair-styling. This small beauty school in Baqaa received all-natural hair products donated from a company in Canada. These products are expensive so donations such as these help women to be able to practice, learn a trade and eventually become self-sufficient when they graduate and open their own business. All donations are welcome including combs, brushes, scissors, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers, hair dye, etc, etc etc!! Thank you!

Supporting Kindergartens:

This kindergarten has 100 children run by the Baqaa Women’s Society & they’re doing a tremendous job despite the challenges they face. It is one of the kindergartens we assist on a regular basis to help kids get the tools they need to begin & enjoy their first education experience. Recently donated to the center a water cooler, educational toys, curtains, pens, pencils, sharpeners, matts. Thank you to the Latina community who donates many of these items! This center needs small tables and chairs for the children–they don’t have any tables or chairs. Also whiteboards and markers. Thank you!!!