Finishing touches on new home for Odai

Odai, 14 years old, was wounded in the Gaza conflict when missiles hit their family as they were taking refuge in an UNRWA school. His father died before his eyes, and all his family except 1 were wounded. The 8 brothers & sisters (22 yrs & under) were left orphaned. Their house was also demolished by rockets. Thanks to very generous donors the home for this family has been beautifully rebuilt, and another donor is helping them monthly for food, electric & other needs. Thank you everyone for coming to the aid of this young family!

Supplying Resources for Remote Centers

Centers for children in the remote areas of Jordan have little access to resources. This week we brought the Handicap Center in Dlayl a laptop for children, a walker for the disabled, school supplies for both children and teachers, chips for the kids, toys, handicrafts, clothing, fax machine and games. If you have extra items you don’t need why not donate them to Kindergartens in needy and remote areas where it will be highly valued. Thank you. Specifically do you have an extra water cooler.  Pls contact Jacki 0787484445.

Success Story: Nadia–Feeding her family through sewing.

Nadia in action sewing clothes for young children.

Nadia is a Syrian refugee now living in Dlyal. She is the mom of 5 children and they have not heard from the husband in 4 years, they suspect that he is dead. She knew a little sewing but not much. She went to the center and took the classes. Surviving was extremely difficult, she didn’t even have bread to feed her children. After the sewing classes neighbors began to bring her mending and  she started to receive an income. She’s so happy for the money to feed her family. She says, “Thank you for bringing the sewing machines to the center.”  She also has a friend who is a refugee in Irbid. Nadia told her about the sewing classes and how she’s now generating income for her family. Her friend also took sewing classes and is making her living through sewing as well.  Now that they have become seamstresses, they are now an integral part of their communities and  are very happy as their dignity is also restored. They are very proud to be able to sew! (This is a project called “Maharat” founded by an 11th grade student, Maryam Al Ammari)


Marahat Sewing Center

Maharat is a sewing center initiated, organised & sponsored by Maryam Al Ammari as a senior in high school. The sewing center is part of the Womens Society of Dlayl. After 1 year this center is flourishing, women are graduating from sewing courses, mending & making their own clothes & generating income to feed their families!–All started by a highschool student! Bravo!!!! Photos attached of the clothes the women have made! (We welcome sewing supplies for these women. Call Jacki at 0787484445)